Adriano Olivetti Award for Apicius Innovation

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Nov 24, 2015 – FUA was nominated the first place winner of the Premio Adriano Olivetti in the area of research and innovation.

FUA participated with a project based on the experiential learning methodology of its hospitality division, Apicius, whose model focuses on educational quality, training through learning by doing, and the food sustainability offered by the Ganzo and Fedora restaurant and pastry shop. The Apicius method was previously recognized by WACS in 2014 for quality culinary education.

The Adriano Olivetti Award is organized by the Associazione Italiana Formatori (Italian Educators’ Association) with the support of the foundation dedicated to Adriano Olivetti, the late Italian entrepreneur and innovator who contributed to great industrial and social changes in post-war Italy. The award mission is to seek and recognize innovative learning approaches that place a greater value on the individuals and organizations involved in the practice and application of education, which ultimately increases the benefits of wellbeing and competitiveness in the Italian panorama.

The award is subdivided into 10 thematic areas ranging from research and innovation, markets and competitiveness, and ethics and social responsibility, to name a few. The jury is composed of professionals and experts of the thematic areas who operate in sectors such as universities, research centers, businesses, and professional development institutions. The four criteria factors used to evaluate candidates include innovation, change, transferability, and efficiency.

The award ceremony will take place in Florence on December 4th, 2015, during the AIF Imprese conference at the Ente Cassa di Risparmio auditorium in via Folco Portinari 5.

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